Way back, 22 years ago to be exact, our engineering team at CMI opened its doors to what would become one of the most trusted structural engineering firms in Upstate New York. We noticed that there was a definite need for our services and decided to take a chance by opening CMI Structural Solutions. It has been a great ride and we have no plans of stopping. We will continue to offer the best possible structural and construction engineering services to our clients and their projects.   

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

In the business world, as well as with geotechnical construction, there is a definite risk/reward factor to success. At CMI we have built a foundation consisting of exceptional talent and expertise, allowing us to tackle projects that many consider too difficult. In our opinion, adversity and difficult projects have allowed us to grow into one of the premier geotechnical construction companies in the area. You may be asking yourself what exactly it is that we do. That is a great question, as the geotechnical realm can be much broader than expected. At CMI we are proud to offer a full range of services including:                  

Our commitment to quality is evident in thousands of completed projects. We place our stamp of approval on each and every job that our talented team has a hand in. So bring on the tough jobs, we feel they just make us better.

Our Solutions   

One of the CMI signature solutions is a system called Geo-Joist. Geo-Joist is a revolutionary formwork engineered to be energy efficient, cost-effective, and quick to install.

The ideal solution for bad soils, the Geo-Joist eliminates the need for frost walls, saving money for excavation costs and installation while providing superior performance. Eliminating the need for insulation and a vapor barrier is a major upgrade from traditional slab systems and is proven to be a viable alternative. Increasingly, the desire for heated flooring has become a very popular option for both business and commercial applications. The advantages of heated flooring are not limited to simply comfort applications. The climate of Upstate New York is not known for its tropical breezes and steady, comfortable temperatures. With Geo-Joist, the radiant heat flooring is mounted throughout the slab and can extend into any other areas that would benefit. For instance, a dock area on the north-facing side of your building is susceptible to freezing and icing over. If you’re concerned about this and want to do something about it, radiant heating can eliminate the possibility of snow and ice making a mess of the dock area.  

Get your impeccably-designed project done on time and on budget. Please do not hesitate to give us a call and see what our experienced foundation consultants can do for you! Be sure and check back often for more from the blog feed!