Frost Protected Shallow Foundation Solutions

A Structural Solution With Integrity

Geo-Joist can be used in a variety of applications including structural floors, elevated walkways and docks. Cut from EPS foam, Geo-Joist has excellent insulation characteristics meaning foundations can be as shallow as 18” from grade, saving time and money during the building process.

  • What exactly is CMI’s Geo-Joist and how can you benefit from it?

    • Due to cast-in-place joists, Geo-Joist significantly reduces slab thickness and weight while increasing the strength.
    • This system creates a frost-protected structure, eliminating the need for frost walls and saving a considerable amount in the cost of excavation and the hauling of spoils. 
    • Insulating EPS framework provides excellent energy performance and acts as a vapor barrier. 
    • The system is great for when in-floor heating is requested. 


Geo-Joist was developed for where there is a need to span large areas of unstable or contaminated soils without adding excessive weight and reinforcing to the slab. It has also been used successfully for elevated boardwalks and docks and often helical piles are incorporated into the design to achieve a frost-protected foundation as shallow as 18” below grade. Each Geo-Joist project is designed by our team to meet your specific set of needs.

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Complete Foundation Pkgs.


Rochester, NY – Geo-Joist

CMI Structural Solutions installed 4.5″ Helical Piles, Steel Grade Beams and our Geo-Joist Floor system supporting the construction of a new structure in Rochester, NY. Because of fill soils, a deep foundation was required to support the building loads. CMI used the Geo-Joist system to span the poor soils while providing insulation and frost protection. Very little soil needed to be removed because of the “shallow” foundation. Speak with one of our consultants today to find out more!

Bradford, PA – Geo-Joist

CMI installed Stelcor Micropiles, ICF grade beams and EPS Geo-Joist slab system for this new gas station project in Erie, PA. We have the capabilities to provide complete design and installation of foundation packages including the floor slab where poor soil conditions exist. Our systems eliminate the need for over excavation and fill, which saves both time and money especially for sites with brownfield conditions or high water tables.

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Syracuse, NY – Geo-Joist

We installed 3.5″ Stelcor Micro Piles and Steel grade beams to support this new 7,000 square foot building over poor soils. Once the piles were installed, our Geo-Joist system was installed to create a structural “joist” slab and provide frost protection so that the excavation was very minimal. This approach saved considerable time over traditional footing/ structural slab building.

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