History of CMI

Any contractor in the geotechnical construction industry is aware that CMI Structural Solutions is top in the foundation engineering business. They have a dedicated team and all necessary equipment for installing geotechnical systems, especially foundations for many structures in New York.

The company stands out especially for its innovative new solutions to meet its customers’ needs every time.

What is CMI?

CMI Structural Solutions is an Ontario, New York-based geotechnical construction company. They focus on installing and designing geotechnical systems for various structures, including high buildings, bridges, broad walkways, and other facilities requiring an expertly reinforced foundation.

The company has been in business for the past 22 years, and their approach has always been to offer cutting-edge services beyond the comfort zone of the construction industry.

CMI strives to provide top-notch service to customers while maintaining a firm belief that they are a valuable inclusion to a business partner.

What We Offer

CMI Structural Solutions is at the forefront of the construction industry to deliver outstanding results to all their customers in multiple sectors, including commercial, industrial and municipal ventures throughout the New York upstate and northeast areas, where deep foundations and other geotechnical foundations are needed.

They also offer design and construction solutions, plus value-engineered design ideas and foundation repairs throughout the area. CMI has had their customers’ backs for the past 22 years, be it a complete foundation package needing concrete slabs or temporary wall shoring.

Their options for geotechnical construction have always included helical piles, stelcor DDM, and earth shoring in addition to many other services.

CMI Culture                                     

The culture of CMI includes a collaborative attitude aimed at reinforcing open communication and quick responses and focus to customers. This one thing has kept customers preferring CMI Structural Solutions for more than two decades.

When working with CMI, you can be assured that they will show up whenever you need them, and they will complete your scope of work within the coded timeline and budget.


Since the company’s origins more than 22 years ago, they have had a reputation for finding new and pioneering ways to complete difficult tasks. This is a result of their robust, hands-on experience with dedicated customers in New York. Call CMI Structural Solutions today and they will cater to all your geotechnical needs at a good budget.