Penfield, NY – 5.5″ Helical Piles

450- 5.5″ Helical Piles with 16″ bearing plates were installed for supporting new apartments and condos in Penfield, NY. Because of previous fill on the site, helical piles were chosen because there are no drill spoils to haul and there are no vibration or noise issues during installation. The piles were installed to depths of up to 65′ deep and load tested to 50 tons. The piles were concrete filled for additional strength and corrosion resistance.

Ithaca, NY

These piles were installed to support a new grade beam and sidewalk. Forty, large diameter, helical piles were installed. Each pile had 18″, 20″ and 24″ dia. x 3/4″ thick helices. The helical piles were chosen over a grouted system because of the “down drag” issue from the very soft soils above the more compact gravel layer. The large helices transfer the load from the compact material to the pile shaft, rather than getting their capacity from side friction, making them the ideal option in these situations.

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Sodus, NY

CMI installed 52- 5.5″ helical piles for new tank pad foundations. The piles were driven approx. 45′ from grade using a CAT 315 excavator and 40,000 ft. lb. drive motor. The piles had a design working load of 53 Kips each.