We specialize in “top down” retaining walls and specialty walls that have little to no margin of error. Our experienced engineers are highly skilled at helical piles, anchoring systems, and new building foundations. Please take a moment to view the gallery below and contact us for more information about retention systems on your next project.  

Ithaca, NY- Pile & Lagging

CMI was contracted to install this approx. 18’ high wall that consisted of 5.5” dia. Helical Piles, 3.5” tieback anchors and pressure treated lagging, to retain the earth for the installation of new building foundations and walls for an apartment building. The sheet piles were progressively cut as the lagging and anchors were installed.

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New Berlin, NY

CMI specializes in “top-down” retaining walls. This project needed a wall to be installed behind two existing buildings, so that a new multi-story building could be built. CMI was contracted to underpin and support the two buildings prior to the walls being built. 5.5″ helical piles were then installed to provide lateral support and tieback anchors, whalers and lagging were installed. The wall ended up being 17′ high x 240′ long!

Penfield, NY

This shotcrete wall utilized 2 7/8” helical anchors driven 30’ deep to provide 4o kip working loads. 12”x12” # 5 rebar grid was then placed on earth cut. Shotcrete was sprayed 6” thick and float finished. This wall used 130 tieback anchors and was 28’ high x 300’ long!

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