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Our Design and Engineering Methods

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Your Experts in Geotechnical Engineering

Our in-house design team has many years of experience in a wide variety of ground conditions, construction methods, and engineering. This expertise gives us the ability to design and detail cost-effective, alternative solutions for our clients. CMI in Ontario can also be involved in the bid or post award phase to ensure that our practical knowledge and experience is brought to the project from the start, maximizing the opportunity to value engineer the design before construction commences. We are experts in design and construction, whether it be foundations or geotechnical construction. Contact us today for more information about design/engineering or any of our structural services.

Based on our experience in the construction industry we design and execute the ideal solution for your specific set of needs, whether it’s structurally deficient soils, high water tables, contaminated soils, or settling foundations.

At CMI we provide a full scope solution from the design to the execution of the project.


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