Why Choose STELCOR

STELCOR Piles are the next evolution in micropiles that install quickly and effectively. With no vibration and no soil removal, you can rest assured knowing you are saving money. These piles provide large capacity support even in poor soil conditions. CMI is the exclusive installation contractor for these high capacity piles in the Update, NY area.

STELCOR Piles are drilled into the ground using high-torque drive heads and are completely encased with grout. As the pile is installed, high strength grout is pumped continually into the earth basin formed at the surface by the displacement head and pulled down with the reverse auger to fill the void created. This includes the corrugated shape made by the deformation part. The center of the shaft is then filled with grout.

STELCOR Piles consist of a helical-shaped displacement head followed by a deformation part, and a reverse flight auger welded to the pile shaft which continues the full length of the pile, including the extensions if needed.

The result is a very impressive large capacity pile consisting of an irregular shaped grout column, a densified area of soil around the column, a high-strength steel center shaft extending the full length of the pile and a positive engagement of the grout to the shaft via the auger flight.