Fairport, NY – STELCOR

CMI installed 218 Stelcor 7″ Micropiles for the foundation of a new four story building. The piles were designed with a 65 ton working load and tested to 130 Tons. Because of the concern of possible contaminated soils and high water table, the Stelcor piles were chosen over caissons. With the Stelcor system, there is no spoils to haul and they can be installed in high water table conditions.

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Fredonia, NY – STELCOR

CMI was contracted to install 132-Stelcor Micro-piles consisting of a 7” main shaft and 20” bearing plate for supporting a new two-story building.The Piles were designed with a 75 ton working load and statically load tested to 150 tons.

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Ithaca, NY – STELCOR

CMI installed 150 – 5.5″ diameter STELCOR Micro Piles at this site in Ithaca, NY. These were 40 Ton working load piles. The STELCOR piles develop very high loads even in soft soils because of the unique friction column they create as well as end bearing from the 16″ diameter steel plate.

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Ogdensburg, NY – STELCOR

CMI installed 80-Stelcor Micro-Piles inside this school for the support of new foundations. With our ability to use small equipment and because there are no vibrations and little noise, these piles are ideal for these kinds of applications.