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Top-down excavation using helical piles

CMI provides top-down excavation and shoring using a helical pile system for reduced disruption of the area around the jobsite. The pile and lagging system can be installed in a short time frame and can be removed for projects that require temporary shoring systems for underground construction. Recently the CMI Team completed a shoring wall and excavation to efficiently demolish an old lift pit. The turn-key process streamlined the updating of the school bus maintenance building of Saratoga Springs, NY.

One of the first steps of this project was the installation of 7” helical piles, with 16.75” single helix, that went to depths of about 20 feet. Once the piles created a perimeter around the old lift pit, the team began excavation and bolting on the timber lagging system using a top-down technique to create a safe site for the oil pits removal. This shoring wall was around 10 feet deep, making it impossible to safely work in without a tie-back system.

The shoring system also reduced the amount of excavation and demolition of the concrete floor and surrounding area that was required to remove the lift pit and install the new concrete for an updated bus lift. After complete demolition of the old concrete and rebar, concrete was poured for the new bus lift assembly and the CMI Team refilled the area. This type of shoring system improved efficiency for renovations on this project and is another great example of the many uses of helical pile shoring systems.

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