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What is Geo-joist?

Geo-Joist is an engineered stay-in-place formwork, that provides an energy efficient, fast track and cost-effective building system.

The Geo-Joist system was developed for where there is a need to span large areas of unstable soil without adding excessive weight to the slab. Geo-Joist reduces the slab thickness and weight while increasing the strength due to cast-in-place joints.

It has also been used successfully for elevated boardwalks and docks and often helical piles are incorporated into the design to achieve a frost-protected foundation as shallow as 18” below grade. Each Geo-Joist project is designed by our team to meet your specific set of needs.

Geo-Joist panels being laid out for a structural slab foundation

Frost - Protected Foundations

As shallow as 18" below grade, and reduced fill requirements.

Advantages of Geo-Joist

  • ​Due to cast-in-place joists, Geo-Joist significantly reduces slab thickness and weight while increasing the strength.

  • Geo-Joist creates a frost-protected structure eliminating the need for frost walls and saves a considerable amount in the cost of excavation and the hauling of spoils.

  • Geo-Joist is offered in a Variety of thicknesses, significantly reducing the need for structural fill. 

  • Insulating EPS framework provides excellent energy performance and acts as a vapor barrier.

  • Heated floor systems work well with Geo-Joist thanks to its excellent insulation properties.

Geo-Joist form diagram with concrete

Prefer to do it yourself? CMI provides both the sale and install of Geo-Joist.

Geo-Joist form diagram with concrete
Geo-Joist completed panel diagram layout with concrete

Build Better with Geo-Joist.

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