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Build better with Geo-Joist

One of the things we do best here at CMI is streamline the process of installing foundations, especially structural slabs. A good example of this is a recent design and build project our team completed in Catskill, NY. This project included building new townhomes on the banks of Catskill Creek that would require deep foundations and structural slabs. Our engineers drew up a design that incorporated helical piles and Geo-Joist, a structural stay in place formwork sold and installed by CMI as a cost-effective solution.

Geo-Joist was developed to strengthen structural slabs spanning large areas of unstable soil without adding excessive weight to the slab. Geo-Joist increases the strength of the slab due to cast in place joints and eliminates the need for frost walls and therefore the cost of excavation and hauling of spoils. On projects like this one in cold upstate NY, where heated floors are highly beneficial, the insulation properties and vapor barrier of the foundation system also create excellent energy performance.

Using 4.5” helical piles and Geo-Joist, our team efficiently installed six foundation systems over the course of 3 phases, around 155 piles in total. Reach out to learn more about Geo-Joist and see if it can benefit your projects. Each Geo-Joist project is designed by our team to meet your specific set of needs.



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