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Geo-Joist for a multiphase project

A multiphase project on the banks of Catskill Creek has been wrapped up by the CMI Team this week after launching in early 2019. This project included four new-build apartment buildings that required deep foundations and structural slabs to ensure their stability on the poor soil.

Our team designed and installed a foundation system using Geo-Joist, our cast-in-place formwork system, and helical piles. Geo-Joist is a foam formwork for structural slabs, designed to increase the strength and durability of the slab while also reducing weight. This system can be adjusted depending on the project needs and comes in a variety of sizes. The Geo-Joist slabs are supported by 4.5" helical piles installed to depths on average of 10-35 feet.

The team first mobilized on the site in early 2019 and over the course of the next 5 years, completed the apartment buildings' helical pile and Geo-Joist foundations in four phases. Challenges like the global pandemic in 2020 set back project scheduling on multiple fronts, but our team persevered and installed a total of 124 helical piles and 2,600 square feet of our Geo-Joist formwork.

This project was originally sold by the late Stanley Stroyer, our founders' father, who passed on due to glioblastoma in July 2023. He had a passion for engineering and using foam creatively in construction and is credited with helping design the Geo-Joist system that we use to install better structural slabs. Learn more about Geo-Joist on our site at Geo-Joist Foundation System | CMI Structural Solutions Inc..



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