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Out with the old, in with the new.

We’ve recently completed the first project of our newly established marine division on Canandaigua Lake, NY. Our team brought their experience of deep foundations and geotechnical construction to replace dilapidated docks and piling in the Towne Harbor Island Association community waterways.

The project scope:

·       Our team used our new barge outfitted with a crane to pull or rotate out existing driven pipe piles holding the old dock system in place. Methods of removal included a c-channel bracket, or holes drilled into the pile shaft so a drive motor could be used.

·       Pins and bolts in the dock sections were unassembled, and then the sections were retrieved and pulled ashore.

·       Helical piles and caps were installed and encased in concrete to create abutments for the new dock system provided by Structural Marine.

·       These abutments were used as anchor points for the installation of the main dock sections and gangways. Dock ‘fingers’ were then branched off the main dock section, and extra bracing from abutments to the dock was installed to ensure maximum stability.

The updated dock system gave the area a modernized look and better stability for boaters in the upcoming summer season. This project was a great start for CMI’s Marine Division and highlighted the versatility and experience of our team at work. Reach out for quotes on similar projects and other marine construction such as boathouses, tie-backs, or shore improvements at (315)524-4780.



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