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Turnkey Deep Foundation Services

Our team uses knowledge gained from being in the deep foundation business since ’05 to provide the best hassle-free service for our clients. One of the many services we provide includes turnkey foundation design and installation to make the process as straightforward as possible.

A recent project, a billboard foundation in upstate NY, was taken care of from start to finish from project design, helical piles, rebar, and concrete work by CMI. The billboard required a helical pile foundation with a lateral load of 7.9kips, 43kips tension and 129kips compression. Our in-house design team created an engineered foundation design to support the new billboard, including the slab reinforcing. Excavation, site work, and layout marking were all taken care of by CMI to prevent the need for additional contractors and delays. The soil in the area was unstable with layers of sand and soft clay, therefore a total of six 7in helical piles

were installed to depths of about 80ft.

Instead of having to find a trusted contractor for the concrete slab and rebar, our client was able to rely on CMI’s local connections to complete other aspects of the project and be essentially hands-free in managing the foundation installation.

Site work following the finished foundation was taken care of by CMI as well, allowing our client to have a turnkey solution that required only getting in touch and providing information, to being delivered a high quality deep foundation ready for the next phase of construction.



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