1. What Are Helical Piles?

    When you get started on a construction project in Webster, there’s a really high chance that you might not necessarily know what you need to make the possible, engineering-wise. Enter, the geotechnical engineers. If you hire a group of exceptional geotechnical engineers, you can expect them to han…Read More

  2. How Crucial Are Geotechnical Surveys?

    In short, your geotechnical survey for your upcoming building project is of the utmost importance. It’s an essential component of every construction job, mainly because it’s the only way to ensure structural stability, as well as human and material safety, moving forward. In general, a geotechni…Read More

  3. The Geotechnical Engineer’s Journal: An Intro to Soil Mechanics

    A geotechnical engineer is as much a civil engineer as they are geologists that can openly apply their sciences to improve civilization. For geotechnical engineers everywhere, soil and rock is their main business, as it determines how expansive and impressive their projects can be. Each construction…Read More

  4. Geotechnical Soil Formation Part 2

    Welcome back to the CMI Structural Solutions blog! In part one of our soil formation series, we discussed the various portions of the formation process that can ultimately affect the building process on your parcel of land. Understanding how the soil develops is a key portion to understanding what w…Read More

  5. Geotechnical Soil Formation

    The intricacies of soil mechanics are one of the key parts to successfully executing geotechnical engineered design. When you commence a building project, the soil mechanics come into play first, they determine the possibilities and the budget needed to complete the project. The study of soil comes …Read More

  6. Pile Load Testing: A Deep Foundation Necessity

    One of the geotechnical structure solutions that we offer here at CMI Structural Solutions is pile load testing. What is pile load testing, you may ask? Essentially, this extremely necessary test will measure the integrity of the deep foundation before the construction process can begin. If you are …Read More

  7. What is Geotechnical Design?

    Geotechnical design actually supports every building, bridge, and manmade structure around you. It’s the key to building and constructing. It’s as much the building blocks of civilization at is it the building blocks of our structures themselves. Geotechnical design relates directly to geotechni…Read More

  8. Retaining Walls: What They Are & Why You Might Need One

    Whether you own a property and need to maintain it or are in the market to purchase a property and intend to build on it, there are some major implications that can affect or alter your plans. One of the largest considerations that a developer should keep in mind is the soil quality on the location …Read More

  9. The Many Solutions of Geotechnical Construction

    We at, CMI Structural Solutions, have been in the foundation business for over 22 years. With over two decades of experience, we are experts in structural engineering and are confident in our process and our services. If you are faced with problematic structural issues, you must hire a professional …Read More

  10. How Geotechnical Construction Helps You

    So much of our world relies on the abilities of structural engineers. The buildings you work in, sleep in, and eat in all rely on a sturdy foundation built by an expert structural engineer, ensuring its security and update for any foundation repairs. You may wonder, why would a building need foundat…Read More