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Helical piles for a Historic Building

One of our most recent projects took place in the historic aqueduct district of downtown Rochester, NY, just a stone’s throw away from the Genesee River.

The Aqueduct building was built in the 1870s and has since been used for many purposes over the decades, from a shoe company to law firms, and now is being renovated to become a mixed-use building. It was found during renovation that due to the age of the building, several columns in the foundation were deteriorated and foundation repair was needed.

During the process of designing a new foundation using helical piles, one of the main considerations for this project was the extremely limited access install space, where the Bobcat E50 generally used to install 3.5” Helical piles would be inoperable.

One of the main reasons access was so tight was the arched aqueduct pillars in the foundation, as well as small entries to preserve the historical building. With the help of an excavator with the cab removed and some creative operating, the team was able to install the 11 indoor piles.

Our operator for this project has experience of 9+ years in helical pile installation and made maneuvering the excavator in this tight space look easy. Projects like this showcase the versatility and extensive skill set of our team to problem solve without compromising on efficiency.



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